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This type of transportation is characterized by high safety of cargo and is convenient when the lot consists of groups of various goods or is composed of items of various volumes, sizes and purposes. It is quite easy to combine different types of transport (sea, land road, railway) for a door to door delivery and is convenient when storage and warehousing are required.

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 Experts consider that the main advantage of container transportation is indisputable fact that in this case complete safety and security of the goods placed in containers are guaranteed. The loading of goods on board is carried out not in bulk, but in a container, which allows to consolidate cargo at the stage of preparation for dispatch.
 The container format allows to keep cargo maintaining its appearance until the method of transportation or delivery to a consignee is changed. It significantly saves money from the budget. According to the class, containers can be 3-, 5-, 10-, 20- and 40-ft-long, as well as ones of increased capacity – 45- ft-long. By mass, these reusable boxes for transportation vary in tonnage:

  • small tonnage (2.5 t)
  •  average tonnage (up to 10 t)
  •  heavy tonnage (from 10 t)

 Depending on the type of cargo, universal or specialized modules are used. Some are suitable for piece goods in packaging, and tanks are used for liquid and combustible goods. Isotherms are used for products requiring a certain temperature range. Refrigerators are used for perishable products requiring cooling. Non-standard and bulky goods are delivered on the open platforms.