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International maritime shipping is an affordable way and one of the safest ways to transport goods over long distances in cases where other methods of transportation are impossible or ineffective. This type is convenient and less expensive compared to delivery by land or air. The main advantage is that this method does not require special infrastructure, which is especially beneficial when transporting cargo with large dimensions. Maritime transport carries out the transportation of a wide variety of goods of a wide assortment. According to their purpose, there are different vessels: RORO ships, bulk carriers, tankers, ferries, container ships, dry cargo carriers. We gained great experience in the maritime transportation. A variety of rules for loading and unloading goods, their rational location and safe fastening have been developed, tested and widely applied in practice.

Choice Logistics

The following logistics
tools are used for maritime shipping:

planning needs for material and technical resources

an integrated system for ensuring quality work and a flexible system of warehouse cargo handling

strict adherence to the Just in Time approach

joint planning, forecasting, distribution and control over the situation in the logistics system


  • Qualitative organization of container shipping from China, India, Turkey, Greece and Asia, as well as the United States and Canada
  • quick clearance at the intermediate ports of Estonia and at the point of arrival
  • full financial responsibility for the cargo safety during transportation
  • affordable shipping cost by sea.


  • Increased speed of loading and unloading cargo.
  • High-quality cargo safety
  • Minimum risk of cargo loss in transit
  • No downtime at customs.

 The provision of this type of service requires professional skills in the field of material management. Proper planning of Choice Logistics OÜ significantly reduces transportation costs. To ensure that the service meets the client’s needs and resources, the planning stages include not only the choice of the type of vessel and calculation of the maritime transportation costs, but also the movement of cargo before loading on to the ship and after unloading.
An important thing in maritime shipping is packaging which helps to avoid troubles in case of bad weather. We have developed special rules for this and we will certainly inform you about them. One more important thing in the international transportation of cargo by sea is a political factor, which is sometimes superior to economic and transport nuances. All kinds of penalties and sanctions, prohibitions and warnings are in force. As a result, the carrier has to be carefully selected, and all the routes have to be checked, we choose the most reliable and safe ones.