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Railway transportation is a compact, most cost-effective and safe way to transport goods for various purposes over long distances with a minimal loss of time at the border. Choice Logistics OÜ carries out transportation by rail in cases where the geolocation of countries dictates or leads to this method. Separate trains or railway rolling stocks can be in transit not only between cities but also within a city. In some cases, especially in the big metropolitan cities, where truck movement is limited, it makes railway delivery preferable.

Choice Logistics

The formation of unity in the planning of the transportation process with other departments, adopted by Choice Logistics OÜ, increases the speed of loading and unloading of cargo during delivery from the manufacturer to the final consumer. We are not only ready to organize the transportation process itself, but also provide the necessary special equipment for installing cargo on the platform and removing it, for further transportation to the consignee.

Advantages of the railway transportation:

affordable cost compared to air transportation and road transport operation

the length of the railways allows to use them in almost any part of Europe, the Baltic states, Scandinavia and the CIS

weather conditions do not affect the speed, quality of services and cargo safety

according to statistics, there are few cases of theft, intentional damage of cargo or breaking in containers on the railway

railway transportation is the most optimal way for bulky and heavy cargo

high degree of accessibility for tracking the movement of cargo

Choice Logistics organizes transportation of the following cargo:

  • containers (20´ and 40´ foot containers)
  • wooden products
  • building materials
  • food cargo
  • liquid fuel (oil products, oil, gasoline, etc.)
  • design and non-standard transportation (machinery, equipment)

The developed sphere of railway transportation enables an unhindered movement to the various parts of the European continent. Our team will ensure interaction with railway workers and tracking the movement of cargo, assume the development and coordination of fastening schemes, the execution of accompanying documentation and the calculation of fees during transportation.