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Road transportation is the most flexible modern way of cargo transportation, as there is the developed system of land transport structure and transportation points there. The experience and qualification of our specialists allow us to create the most profitable and reliable direct route from the starting point to the destination one without the need for creating some transit points and additional loading and unloading operations.

Choice Logistics

Choice Logistics OÜ

ensures that all operations are completed on time, minimizing the potential factors that could harm your cargo. Depending on the customer’s needs and the specifics of the cargo, the list of our work includes:

development of a route

planning of financial needs

control and collection of supporting documentation

formation and packaging of cargo based on the volume and tonnage

ensuring the transport and logistics process

Road transport :

  • Tented trucks from 82 to 120 cubic meters
  • Jumbos
  • Refrigerators of large capacity and isotherms
  • Low loaders and trawls for transportation of oversized cargo
  • Container trucks
  • Minibuses for express delivery (up to 18 cubic meters and load capacity up to 3t.)
  • Vans up to 30 cubic meters capacity of 5-7 tons


  • Part-load shipments, consolidated cargoes from Europe and Scandinavia to the Baltic countries and Finland
  • Full truck loads
  • Chilled and frozen cargo LTL and FTL
  • Dangerous Goods (ADR)
  • Oversized cargo
  • Customs clearance and additional cargo insurance

A prerequisite for efficient transport logistics is the optimization of the delivery route and compliance with the basic requirements. Depending on this, necessary transport is selected according to its carrying capacity and safety along the route. Trucking involves movement along a busy highway, which means that there is a danger of an accident, therefore cargo must be securely fastened and packed. If the product is perishable, it may need a refrigerator, and if there could be a change in the method of transportation, a container may be in need.