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Air transportation is the fastest way to deliver various goods over long distances on a given route. Choice Logistics OÜ conducts close collaboration in the field of planning, taking into account the work of the warehouse, production and schedule of air transport for the organization of air transportation.

Choice Logistics

The main advantage of air travel is efficiency. It is necessary for the delivery of medical supplies, perishable and dangerous cargo. Huge distances are covered in a short period of time, regardless of the oceans, mountains and deserts. Specialists of Choice Logistics OÜ know that the main component of efficiency is a preliminary preparation:

timely and high-quality execution of accompanying documentation

clearly synchronized actions according to the Just in Time approach

competent calculation and phased planning of deadlines and resources

taking into account the specifics of cargo

 Thanks to many years of experience in managing air
transportation, Choice Logistics team will find the most acceptable solution for you.

  • International air delivery for goods of any type and nature: dangerous, temperature-limited, pharmaceutical, oversized and heavy goods, also precious metals, jewelry, cash, cars and part loads) according to the “door-to-door” scheme
  • rates calculation and optimization of transport costs preparation of all necessary supporting documents for the shipper
  • assistance in the customs clearance of cargo
  • cargo packing and storage, warehouse logistics
  • cargo consolidation
  • cargo insurance
  • cargo tracking along the way, comprehensive information support and consulting support.

If it is required to deliver cargo door to door, we are ready to develop an individual logistics scheme at competitive rates. We will calculate the rates and transportation costs and prepare points for the international transit as we have an extensive agency network.